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“At first I went with a low cost competitor only to fail the state inspection. I came back to Cannabis Security and couldn’t believe the value. I passed my inspection without any problems and I feel better knowing my inventory is safe. Now I can focus on the work I care about. I highly recommend Cannabis Security.”

Brandon DeCamp – Herbal Remedies


“At first I wanted to handle the securities part of my business on my own. I didn’t realize how much there was to it. I was completely overwhelmed. Everything got easier when I found Cannabis Security. They just understand how to set up securities the right way. I’m so glad I decided to use their services.”

Shane McKee – Shango


“Cannabis Security stepped in and really saved the day for our dispensary. In an attempt to cut some corners we had a different company install our initial system. It was a disaster, we failed the compliance test and thought we would be unable to open in time which would have cost us money in the long run. Luckily we found Cannabis Security, they stepped in and gave us a free design consultation and once we were happy with the plan they installed our system professionally and at a low cost. We couldn’t be happier with the package and thanks to Cannabis Security we were able to open as planned after passing the compliance requirements with flying colors.”

Phillip Chen – Puddletown

“I have worked with multiple camera companies while working in the cannabis industry. Cannabis Security is far and away the best I have worked with. They have excellent customer service and go above and beyond to get a project completed. They always pick up the phone when we call and are willing to come at odd hours to finish the job at hand. Once the job was complete, they still were just as responsive to any maintenance issues we needed fixed. The coolest thing about these guys is that they helped us with our site design. We had our ideas of how we should layout our grow, but we didn’t think of some of the security components and how certain cameras can actually be used as management tools. Skip gave us some great ideas that made a huge difference in how we run our operation. One of the ideas was to install a PTZ camera which allows me to see the operation down to the leaf on each plant when I am offsite. This camera is incredible and I recommend anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their plants buy one . What ever you need done, they can make it happen. These guys are the best!”

Sean Collins – Collins Agricultural Consultants

“We are extremely proud of our facility and Cannabis Security has been a huge part of that process. They stood by our side at every iteration of our design layout and continuously modified their systems to accommodate our needs as they changed and progressed. Upon completion of our systems, they never dropped us and continue to work with us to ensure we have everything we needed to run the security systems long into the future and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Their customer service is top notch, the equipment they source is perfect for the job, and their security systems are sophisticated and easy to use. We highly recommend them.”

Raymon Furth – Highland Provisions

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