Monitoring for your OLCC Cannabis Compliant System


Maintaining compliance with OLCC needs to check a lot of boxes.  You need a security company that is proactive, responsive, and focused on keeping you compliant.  We have found that the services that we offer are very important for our clients.  There are three main monitoring services that Cannabis Security offers:

1 – Monthly Video Subscription (MVS). This service has several features and benefits that allow us to service our clients better and of course, make sure that we can keep all of the systems in compliance with OLCC regulations, now and in the future:

> Software Upgrades (SSA) are also included in the MVS Service.

> Dynamic DNS

> Notification of camera or system failure to stay in compliance with OLCC requirements. (Must be notified of a system failure within one hour)

> Much more extensive Health Monitoring of your Camera System

> Remotely Upgrade your system to the latest Software and Firmware (Once Every Quarter)

> Performance Evaluation of your system every quarter to insure system is operating at its optimal level

> 24/7/365 Monitoring of your systems Network Connection and insuring the system is recording.

> Automatic Service Ticket Generation in the event the system encounters an issue. We will both be notified via email and telephone app of the issue.

Our MVS Service provides detailed communication about the performance and status of your critical compliance equipment, with 24/7 email and text alerts.


2 – intrusion and panic alarm monitoring, which is integrated with your security system includes access to their customizable alert system by text, email, and app.


3 – Cloud backup service with 30 days of off-site electronic back up for your camera in the server room to satisfy OLCC regulations. (UMBO, EagleEye or CloudCam)


We are also a certified dealer for Brivo OnAir access control systems.

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