Bragging on our Back End

Server rooms and all their necessary components can be a real mess (we’ve seen few real horror shows in our years in this business).  Perhaps it is not a necessity for functionality to have neat wires that are clearly labeled and properly laid out, but it sure is nicer to look at, and a whole lot easier to figure out where the problem lies in the event of a failure of a component.

We recently wrapped on a large facility in Central Oregon, and wanted to show off the handiwork of our technicians.  Great job, Keith and Bryce!

Let us know if you’d like us to work our magic and get your facility’s server room sorted and looking pretty too.

The Cannabis Security Difference

In the aftermath of CannaGuard going out of business, we get asked a lot these days what makes us different than the other security options in the area.

1 – We are full-service.  Not only can we provide your ongoing monthly monitoring needs for your security system, we staff fully licensed electricians who can install new systems, service downed equipment, and troubleshoot any issue you have with your security system.

2 – We don’t skimp on products.  There are an overwhelming number of options when it comes to equipment you can use for your cameras, security, and access control.  But with our expertise in this industry for over 20 years, we have tried-and-true relationships with vendors who provide us very high quality equipment.  This means our systems are not the cheapest option.  However, this also means that we can stand behind our systems which do not have nearly as many failures as substandard equipment.  Your security system is not the place to choose the cheapest option, because you really get what you pay for.

3 – We are a one-stop shop.  Our customers only have relationships with us directly.  We won’t sell accounts to funding companies, and then leave our customers dealing with other companies out of state to try to get service.  When you are a Cannabis Security customer, your security needs are taken care of promptly and by knowledgeable staff headquartered in Portland, OR.

Contact us today to see what Cannabis Security can do for you.


Monitoring for your OLCC Cannabis Compliant System


Maintaining compliance with OLCC needs to check a lot of boxes.  You need a security company that is proactive, responsive, and focused on keeping you compliant.  We have found that the services that we offer are very important for our clients.  There are three main monitoring services that Cannabis Security offers:

1 – Monthly Video Subscription (MVS). This service has several features and benefits that allow us to service our clients better and of course, make sure that we can keep all of the systems in compliance with OLCC regulations, now and in the future:

> Software Upgrades (SSA) are also included in the MVS Service.

> Dynamic DNS

> Notification of camera or system failure to stay in compliance with OLCC requirements. (Must be notified of a system failure within one hour)

> Much more extensive Health Monitoring of your Camera System

> Remotely Upgrade your system to the latest Software and Firmware (Once Every Quarter)

> Performance Evaluation of your system every quarter to insure system is operating at its optimal level

> 24/7/365 Monitoring of your systems Network Connection and insuring the system is recording.

> Automatic Service Ticket Generation in the event the system encounters an issue. We will both be notified via email and telephone app of the issue.

Our MVS Service provides detailed communication about the performance and status of your critical compliance equipment, with 24/7 email and text alerts.


2 – intrusion and panic alarm monitoring, which is integrated with your security system includes access to their customizable alert system by text, email, and app.


3 – Cloud backup service with 30 days of off-site electronic back up for your camera in the server room to satisfy OLCC regulations. (UMBO, EagleEye or CloudCam)


We are also a certified dealer for Brivo OnAir access control systems.

Clarification on Relationship with CannaGuard


You may have seen the above press release from CannaGuard of their change in business model to offer franchising naming Cannabis Security as now entering into a partnership with CannaGuard.  We would like to clarify that Cannabis Security is a separate entity from CannaGuard, that we have been in business independently from CannaGuard since our inception in 2015, and we have not entered into nor agreed to any franchise arrangement with CannaGuard.  Franchising implies we are paying CannaGuard royalties and that we are a branch of their company, and it is important to us to clarify that our company is and always has been independently owned and operated.  Our only business connection is with our sister company – Pixel Security, which has been in the security system business in Oregon and Washington since 2005.


Cannabis Security continues to offer the highest quality systems and exemplary customer service to our clients.  If you’d like a quote on a new security system, or on what options we offer for monitoring and ongoing service, please contact Cannabis Security today.


What To Do About OLCC’s New Security Bulletin








You may have recently received the below Recreational Marijuana Program Compliance Education Bulletin regarding Proactive Compliance Inspections from the OLCC:

What this means for you is that the OLCC is going to be rolling out inspections of recreational cannabis facilities (without prior notification) to ensure compliance in security systems.  Quite honestly, the OLCC has become more stringent in its security regulations since first roll-out of the recreational program, and many facilities are going to find themselves scrambling to make updates and changes to ensure compliance.

Cannabis Security is here to ensure all of your video surveillance and video retention needs are fully covered.  If you’d like a free on-site assessment of your system to ensure you will meet OLCC’s compliance standards, call Cannabis Security at 503-298-5600.

5 Reasons Why Your Cannabis Facility Needs a Top-Notch Security System








It’s definitely expensive to get compliant in the cannabis industry in order to qualify for your license.  When you look at the overall costs of acquiring the location, the equipment, the staff, getting your banking  figured out, and how you are going to track each plant product and each sale, it’s a whole lot to deal with, and security is just another piece of that pie needing a solution to get your license.

It’s tempting to go with the cheapest system you possibly can.  Here are 5 reasons why this is risky:

1 – You may not pass inspection

Oregon has some of the most stringent regulations in the country for cannabis facilities. There are almost 6 pages in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has devoted to outlining exactly what your security system needs to include, cover, and ensure.  These are complicated and exacting rules that are difficult to navigate if you are not intimately familiar with how to design, wire, set up, and integrate good quality products to make sure you check all those boxes.

2 – If you fail inspection, it could sink your whole venture

If you do not get your security system just right, and then OLCC comes to do your inspection and you fail . . .  what then?  The OLCC has not limited the number of applicants into the cannabis licensing process as other states have done, and they only have a few inspectors covering the whole state.  What this means for new businesses (or expanding ones) is that if the OLCC needs to come back, you are punted to the bottom of the line again, and you may need to wait three months for them to come back out and reinspect after failing an inspection.  Can your investors and your business wait three months to start being able to make money on your product?  With all the money you’ve already invested by the time you get to your inspection, you are ready to roll, and a three month delay could be extremely detrimental.

3 – Even if you pass inspection, your system may not be secure

There are a lot of moving parts with a video surveillance system and an alarm system.  The number of components and sensitive electronics makes it more likely for a flaw to develop in your system.  If your system stops working, will you be notified?  If a component has an error, do you have the expertise to trouble shoot where the failure occurred and the knowledge base to fix it?  What happens if you don’t notice your system isn’t working right until you have a theft and need to review your video history?

4 – You can’t get the best products with premier features unless you go through a professional installer

Products available for retail are not the highest quality on the market.  Cameras like Samsung (now Hanwha Techwin) and systems like DMP’s Touchscreen Keypad with corresponding apps on your phone or iPad have to be purchased through a dealer.  The best products just can’t be bought by walking into your local Best Buy.

5 – Your product and your employees are unparalleled, and worth the highest level of protection

You’ve worked very hard to have the best product there is, and you’ve hired fantastic staff to help you.  Now you need to protect it.  A do-it-yourself system may get the license you need, but you deserve real protection, with experts who have been in the industry for decades and understand security systems and only do security systems.  Hiring a company who focuses exclusively on security means that you can use their expertise so you don’t have to worry about it.



2018 has arrived!

2018 has brought new changes to Cannabis Security.  We have completed a much overdue website refresh, we have brought back Rachelle, our business manager, after a few months’ hiatus, and we are growing!

We have had a wonderful 2017, and we thank all our loyal customers for making our year a resounding success.  We look forward to all the new opportunities and challenges that 2018 will no doubt bring with it.  We hope you are off to a great year as well!

Cheers to 2018!