Clarification on Relationship with CannaGuard


You may have seen the above press release from CannaGuard of their change in business model to offer franchising naming Cannabis Security as now entering into a partnership with CannaGuard.  We would like to clarify that Cannabis Security is a separate entity from CannaGuard, that we have been in business independently from CannaGuard since our inception in 2015, and we have not entered into nor agreed to any franchise arrangement with CannaGuard.  Franchising implies we are paying CannaGuard royalties and that we are a branch of their company, and it is important to us to clarify that our company is and always has been independently owned and operated.  Our only business connection is with our sister company – Pixel Security, which has been in the security system business in Oregon and Washington since 2005.


Cannabis Security continues to offer the highest quality systems and exemplary customer service to our clients.  If you’d like a quote on a new security system, or on what options we offer for monitoring and ongoing service, please contact Cannabis Security today.