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  • Compliance with Changing Regulations

    Cannabis regulations are changing fast, and getting more stringent

  • Security Handled by Experts

    As long-term security system experts, security is all we do

  • Design & Consultation

    We make custom designs for your facility or grow operation’s specific needs

  • Quality Products

    We use the latest technology in this quickly-changing industry to provide you the best system that your money can buy

  • Remote Monitoring

    Access your system from wherever life and work takes you

  • Tech Support

    Professionals monitor your system 24/7 to keep you compliant

We Are Industry Experts in Security 

Cannabis Security Inc. is a group of long-standing industry leaders in electronic security and digital video solutions. Our blend of expertise in technology, installation, and after sales services makes us masters of cannabis facility security and compliance. We are a one-stop solution for all your surveillance and access control needs and excel at providing each facility a fully controlled environment. We have no cookie-cutter solutions, but tailor each system to each client’s specific needs while maintaining regulation compliance.

State Regulations

Cannabis Security Regulations by State

While cannabis usage and possession is still illegal under federal law, the laws and regulations vary widely by state.

In 21 states – the sale and possession of marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use, as of November 2022, and 10 states have taken steps to decriminalize it to some degree. Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing some degree of medical use of marijuana.

For additional details, click on each state to find details of legality in that state, and if there are regulations that pertain to security for legal cannabis, those are provided (details for District of Columbia are under Maryland state).

Cannabis Legalization Status

  • Cannabis legalized for recreational use
  • Medical cannabis broadly legalized
  • No broad laws legalizing cannabis


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